a woman with white hair and earrings
a woman with white hair and earrings


State of Bliss

Release date:

10 11 2023

KlubKid Records

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Sherø's "State of Bliss" album marks a vibrant celebration of her three-decade-long DJ journey, offering an illuminating glimpse into her evolution as a producer.

This musical odyssey over the past three years culminates with the release of her fresh single, "Juicy Lips."

The album traverses a diverse sonic landscape, from classic deep house to the grooves of hip-house, breakbeat, and new beat.

Infused with sensuality, it's driven by resonant basslines, evocative nostalgia, and irresistibly catchy vocals.

"State of Bliss" is a testament to Sherø's multifaceted artistry and her ability to craft an immersive musical experience that transcends genre boundaries, inviting listeners to embark on a captivating journey through the realms of electronic music.

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